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Get ready for a 3D runner game, that you parkour your way through the maze using pets and perks! Get a hang of the game in seconds thanks to its simple controls.  To win, reach the objectives before the dome closes down. A maze with the battle royale element.

You and your pet will make an amazing team, so choose wisely and figure out the maze together! Choose a pet, use perks to win! Each pet comes with special abilities! Choose a pug, beagle, fox or peacock to be your companion!

You will require parkour skills and combinations to solve through the mazes. Use cool special abilities like speed perks, medikits, vaults, and way finders!

The concepts for the game menus and maze level designed in Unity by a 10 year old member of our team, he's a gaming enthusiast, an artist who happens to be in 5th grade.

We're a tiny company trying to make big games. Our survival is based on how much you like and improve our game by playing & giving us feedback.

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